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On Being pedantic

I am often (rightly) accused of being pedantic. It’s something I try to twist into humour with varying degrees of success. However, it is something I will talk about. Advertisements

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How Quacks are Created

Although the captions says that being a doctor used to be more fun, this same type of attitude is found in pseudoscientists everywhere. For example we have the guy who is promoting homeopathic sound as a treatment or prevent the onset … Continue reading

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It’s always about sex

Animals reproduce. That’s their primary function, and many things they do can be interpreted through the lens of sex. Perhaps that’s just a way of anthropomorphizing.

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Bathroom Breaks in Movies

With Season 4 of the Game of Thrones behind us, we realize that people only use the toilet in movies when the plot demands it. In fact, without doing a count, I suspect people have sex more often than they … Continue reading

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Dumbo’s Feather

Many of us remember the Disney movie Dumbo starring the flying elephant.  Dumbo’s buddy, Timothy Q Mouse, realized that the only thing holding Dumbo back was his lack of self-confidence and tricked him into believing the power came from a magic feather. … Continue reading

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We start to die from the moment we are born

Life begins and life ends. In between, death happens, a little bit at a time. Of course, we could see these small deaths as growth, but that’s only a matter of perspective.

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We are Stardust, and so is Humpty Dumpty

We are composed of molecules that interact to use or produce other molecules and energy. That’s what life is, physics and chemistry. Each of these molecules is made up of atoms, but and since nothing is ever really destroyed… The … Continue reading

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What is that child thinking

Parents and grandparents are always baffled by what pre-vocal children are thinking, and especially what it is that makes them sad or upset. The answer may be deeper than you think.

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The Conflicted Environmentalist

Theodor Seuss Geisel who wrote under the pen-name Dr. Suess, created many memorable characters including the environmental campaigner, The Lorax. The book has continued to influence the battle between environmentalists and commercial interests since its publication in 1971. But what … Continue reading

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Chemical Free and Organic

For people who never paid any attention in chemistry class, if indeed they ever attended any.   It’s all fucking chemicals, and organic has a real meaning, perhaps just not just the one you think.

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