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It’s exorcism time again

This month, you get the chance to attend the “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” course held at the Vatican. The annual course, “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation,” is designed for priests and lay persons interested in learning how to recognize … Continue reading

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I Fucking Love Science Fucked Up on Supplements for Depression

Just like millions of other people on the internet I fucking love “I Fucking Love Science”. Their Facebook page has over 18 million likes, and much of what shows up is interesting, fascinating, and mostly on the money. Recently however, one post … Continue reading

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Dumbo’s Feather

Many of us remember the Disney movie Dumbo starring the flying elephant.  Dumbo’s buddy, Timothy Q Mouse, realized that the only thing holding Dumbo back was his lack of self-confidence and tricked him into believing the power came from a magic feather. … Continue reading

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A Quick look at the effects of unintended pregnancies

I think it’s safe to assume that most women make the decision to terminate a pregnancy because the pregnancy was unintended. Some, of course, make the decision due to health concerns. Some of the reasons given for making the decision include: … Continue reading

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Alyssa Funke – another victim of on-line harassment and bullying

In April of this year, Alyssa Funke, a 19 year old student at University of Wisconsin’s River Falls campus, took her own life. The title of the article is “The Pressure of Porn”, in which the author blames her childhood and her short … Continue reading

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Damned if you do… – heart attacks and anti-psychotics

I have severe depression, and I have had a heart attack. Yes, my father was only in his mid-fifties when he had his first, so I had some genetics against me. However, I had also been taking anti-depressants and anti-psychotics … Continue reading

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Depression – A New Look

I don’t think it’s necessary here to outline the effects that depression on individuals or on society. Loss of productivity, the ability to work, or even life itself are all too often the outcomes of this common disease. There are … Continue reading

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Naturopathic medicine offers solutions for drug side effects – or not

Whenever I struggle with a topic for this blog, another article in the local newspaper by our neighbourhood Naturopath selling her supplements shows up, and inspiration strikes. Question: I have had sore and weak leg muscles ever since I started … Continue reading

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The Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of a Case of Writer’s Block, Dennis Upper Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis Volume 7, Issue 3, page 497, Fall 1974


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Addicted on PEI

PEI is often advertised as the “The Gentle Island”, and is known around the world as the setting of “Anne of Green Gables“. Our tourism brochures are filled with images of white sandy beaches, red cliffs, green fields, blue sky, … Continue reading

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