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Spiked Potatoes

It seems that someone here on PEI is spiking potatoes with spikes—or some other metal object. The police are playing coy about the actual metal objects that have been showing up lately in spuds from a local farm. RCMP Sgt. … Continue reading

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On Being pedantic

I am often (rightly) accused of being pedantic. It’s something I try to twist into humour with varying degrees of success. However, it is something I will talk about.

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How Quacks are Created

Although the captions says that being a doctor used to be more fun, this same type of attitude is found in pseudoscientists everywhere. For example we have the guy who is promoting homeopathic sound as a treatment or prevent the onset … Continue reading

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It’s always about sex

Animals reproduce. That’s their primary function, and many things they do can be interpreted through the lens of sex. Perhaps that’s just a way of anthropomorphizing.

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Bathroom Breaks in Movies

With Season 4 of the Game of Thrones behind us, we realize that people only use the toilet in movies when the plot demands it. In fact, without doing a count, I suspect people have sex more often than they … Continue reading

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No physicists were harmed in the making of this video. 

Sarah Donner bills herself as a singer/songwriter/creative type. Her music is quirky and often related to science, in a roundabout peripheral way. Here are a couple of videos from her YouTube channel. The Rebuttal of Schrödinger’s Cat

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It’s absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love offbeat and bad movies. They could have called it the Gnawing Dead,  but went with Zombeavers instead. A review at Best Horror Movies says it all: The toxic waste has … Continue reading

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What is that child thinking

Parents and grandparents are always baffled by what pre-vocal children are thinking, and especially what it is that makes them sad or upset. The answer may be deeper than you think.

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Signs from Hawaii

I love signs. The impact a few words can have is incredible. Especially when they are extremely blunt, descriptive, or just plain misguided. Our recent trip to Hawaii brought a few new examples to my collection. Clicking on the images … Continue reading

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Dr. Who Does the Time Warp

Who else is so uniquely qualified to perform The Time Warp. Here’s a parody of the 10th doctor his companions with friends and foes performing the timeless classic.   For special cosplay, a chance to wear a bow tie with … Continue reading

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