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No physicists were harmed in the making of this video. 

Sarah Donner bills herself as a singer/songwriter/creative type. Her music is quirky and often related to science, in a roundabout peripheral way. Here are a couple of videos from her YouTube channel. The Rebuttal of Schrödinger’s Cat Advertisements

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Dr. Who Does the Time Warp

Who else is so uniquely qualified to perform The Time Warp. Here’s a parody of the 10th doctor his companions with friends and foes performing the timeless classic.   For special cosplay, a chance to wear a bow tie with … Continue reading

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UFO? No it’s something better

Yesterday, an odd shape appeared in the sky over Leamington Spa near Warwick, England. Weather experts have been baffled by a black ring which appeared in the sky above Leamington Spa on Friday evening. Schoolgirl Georgina Heap was playing tennis … Continue reading

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Oh Anne

When people think of Prince Edward Island, one of the first thing that comes to mind is Anne of Green Gables, the 1908 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. In movies, television, and musicals, Anne has been portrayed as a feisty, … Continue reading

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Død Snø 2

Død Snø, also known as Dead Snow was a 2009 Norwegian zombie movie. The premise, for those who haven’t seen it,  is that Nazi zombies return from their frozen graves just as a group of students were trying to enjoy … Continue reading

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Yes Sophie, there is a dragon

Scientists can be amazing people. When asked for a dragon, scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), apologized for their oversight and promised to accelerate their dragon R&D. It all began with a letter: Hello Lovely Scientist My … Continue reading

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Two Sides – Robin Thicke and Project Unbreakable.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about some of the male Rock singers who have blatantly used sex to sell their music, and ultimately have been remembered for that music. On the other hand, women tend to be attacked … Continue reading

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Tis the season to eat

Whatever you celebrate this time of year—Solstice, Christmas, Saturnalia—it’s generally a time of indulgence in food and drink. If you’re looking for something completely different,  Damana Madden shared a photo on Twitter of a Cthulhu  themed dish called a Cthurkey … Continue reading

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Dalek Wedding

Something different in wedding cakes: his and hers Daleks. Dawn Butler of Dinky Doodle Designs in Nottingham, England makes speciality cakes for every occasions. There were created for a Dr Who themed wedding You may now exterminate the bride and … Continue reading

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Need tires in Japan?

Autoway Tires in Japan has  a new ad out that shows the need for good traction in the snow when faced with supernatural beings. There’s just nothing worse than being run down by the undead while you sit a spin … Continue reading

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