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Assume the Lotus Position

For most of us, when we think of Lotus vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind are the Esprit models from the James Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and For Your Eyes Only (1981).         … Continue reading

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An Achy Blast From the Past

Here comes that earworm that took over back in 1992, redone with rap overtones and twerking aliens—introduction by Larry King.  Starring Billy Ray Cyrus and Buck 22 and aliens. It’s totally absurd and all we can hope for is that … Continue reading

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Two Sides – Robin Thicke and Project Unbreakable.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about some of the male Rock singers who have blatantly used sex to sell their music, and ultimately have been remembered for that music. On the other hand, women tend to be attacked … Continue reading

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Dalek Wedding

Something different in wedding cakes: his and hers Daleks. Dawn Butler of Dinky Doodle Designs in Nottingham, England makes speciality cakes for every occasions. There were created for a Dr Who themed wedding You may now exterminate the bride and … Continue reading

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The Great White Lego North

Jeff Friesen is a photographer based in Halifax NS. Along with numerous international awards, he has had his photographs published in such papers as National Grographic, Der Spiegal (Germany), London Daily Mail, Saltscapes, and many others. As a sideline, he … Continue reading

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The cost of being right

I like to think of myself as someone who can change my mind on a topic once I am presented with new knowledge. However, I also know that in most cases my beliefs and opinions are very difficult to shake, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Churches

When travelling in Europe it is impossible not to consider the plethora of churches that dominate most cities, towns, and villages. Many are interesting for one reason or another and often they evoke emotions of one sort or another. These … Continue reading

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Stick Balancing

This is a performing artist balancing weighted sticks to create an unbelievable example of physics and biology.

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LEGO Insects

Once upon a time, LEGO was a child’s toy. Although the first LEGOs were made in Denmark in 1949, they didn’t make it to mainstream North America for a number of years after that. Certainly some years after my own … Continue reading

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Human motorcycles

I love motorcycles. I love riding them, and if an unusual one appears in a  movie or TV show, I’ll be hitting the rewind button and trying to figure out just what it is. This week, I’ve discovered bikes like … Continue reading

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