Bollards and Bullets

When terrorism or mass killings are committed as vehicular homicide, the target is often a high pedestrian area. These spaces provide the highest number of targets and increase the political effect. Some people compare these with deaths caused by bullets and that no one is talking about truck control. This is a ridiculous dichotomy as all vehicles are registered and drivers must complete a test and be licenced. beyond that there are simple measures that can protect people from vehicular attacks.

Even though isn’t a word we use often in North America, bollards are a common way to protect walkers and cyclists in these areas. Of course, even if we’re not talking about a deliberate attack, bollards provide protection from impaired or inattentive drivers. Some people complain they are unattractive, and many are, however there are many more pleasing alternatives to concrete and plain black posts.
Monoscape is a UK company that makes concrete bollards that are attractive and functional.















Here are a couple more from Archiproducts:














In some areas where aesthetics are lees important, a standard and cheaper steel or concrete bollard would provide the same functionality.

I have never pretended to be an expert on how to minimize gun violence, but there is no question that in the US far too many die from being struck by bullets. Mass shootings account for a small percentage of deaths, just as terrorist attacks comprise a very small percentage or vehicular deaths. Bollards will also protect pedestrians and cyclists from impaired and inattentive drivers. With bullets, many victims die at home as the prey of abusive partners or by their own hand. Another group of deaths are caused by children getting their hands on guns that are unsafely stored and killing themselves or others. Mental illness is blamed as a major factor in many shootings, but most of those deaths are self-inflicted.

What the answers are, I don’t pretend to know, but there are fairly simple ways to minimize public deaths by vehicles, and something needs to be done to decrease death by bullets.

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