I hope the quality of thought improves.

I’m just going to put this here because some people just can’t look at themselves at all. A letter to editor in the December 01, 2015 Charlottetown Guardian.

It’s nice to read UPEI student letters to the Guardian however their opinions are out to lunch. Josh Wruck believes the opinion section suffers from a lack of more intelligent letters from UPEI professors which is a load of crap. This is an elitist attitude which I don’t care for because I find most of their letters are dull and repetitive. Sam Vail says Canada needs heroes but he thinks anyone against abortion is a hero. His letter makes no sense because he doesn’t understand the meaning of being a hero. I hope to see more letters from UPEI students but hope the quality of thought improves.

This guy is a regular contributor and while his ideas are certainly repetitive, they are never dull.

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