PEI Landmarks Project

For all PE Islanders:

Do you give directions based upon, or talk about places that cannot be found on any map? Of course you do; we all do. Traditionally Islanders never navigated by maps, we used landmarks. Over time those landmarks have changed: businesses have changed names, or disappeared altogether; houses or other buildings have been torn down or been renovated and painted beyond recognition (Purple House in East Royalty, K-Mart). Erosion may have changed some physical landmarks, such as Elephant Rock which has lost its elephant and is now just a rock.

Many of these local names used to work when a trip to Charlottetown might happen once or twice a year, or when Charlottetown natives rarely ventured beyond Winsloe or Stratford and we only saw a few tourists a year.

This is why the folks at the Local Data Book Club are asking for everyone’s assistance in the PEI Landmarks Project. The project will help with navigation and keep some of our local history alive.

The product is being developed entirely by the input of individuals and will be shared freely with everyone.

Landmarks can be added on their Facebook page or directly into their shared document.

An initial version of an interactive map is here.










Have some fun and share some history.

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