Who qualifies as an old stock Canadian?

Here’s the clip from the Sept 17th debate where Harper refers to old stock Canadians as supporting his limited health care for refugees:

Apparently I don’t qualify as one branch of my family came here in the early 1800s, while another 25 or 30 years earlier as Loyalists (otherwise known as refugees from the US War of Independence). I’ve spoken to descendants of Acadians, the first European settlers and second group to be forced into exile from their homes, many of them don’t agree with Harper. Perhaps he means the First Nations, although given their responses to Harper’s attitude on the way aboriginal women have been disappearing, I doubt they count.

The Honourable Anne L. Mactavish

He certainly doesn’t mean Justice Anne Mactavish, the Federal court judge who presided when a group called Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care successfully sued the federal government for the changed they made to health care for refugees:

With the 2012 changes to the IFHP, the executive branch of the Canadian government has intentionally set out to make the lives of these disadvantaged individuals even more difficult than they already are. It has done this in an effort to force those who have sought the protection of this country to leave Canada more quickly, and to deter others from coming here to seek protection.

I have found that the affected individuals are being subjected to “treatment” as contemplated by section 12 of the Charter, and that this treatment is indeed “cruel and unusual”. This is particularly, but not exclusively, so with respect to children who have been brought to this country by their parents. The 2012 modifications to the IFHP potentially jeopardize the health, and indeed the very lives, of these innocent and vulnerable children in a manner that shocks the conscience and outrages our standards of decency. They violate section 12 of the Charter.

I have also concluded that the 2012 changes to the IFHP violate section 15 of the Charter inasmuch as it now provides a lesser level of health insurance coverage to refugee claimants from DCO countries in comparison to that provided to refugee claimants from non-DCO countries. This distinction is based entirely upon the national origin of the refugee claimants, and does not form part of an ameliorative program.

Moreover, this distinction has an adverse differential effect on refugee claimants from DCO countries. It puts their lives at risk, and perpetuates the stereotypical view that they are cheats, that their refugee claims are “bogus”, and that they have come to Canada to abuse the generosity of Canadians. It undermines their dignity and serves to perpetuate the disadvantage suffered by members of an admittedly vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged group.

Perhaps, and more likely, Old Stock Canadians are those pink skinned individuals who share the mean spirited racist attitudes demonstrated by Stephen Harper.

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