A Woman’s Room Online – Virulence as Art

Anyone who thinks about it at all knows that women are a long way from achieving equality in our world. In some Islamic cultures, they are still considered property, in the many Christian sects, including the Roman Catholics, the Mormons, and numerous Evangelical groups, they are either supposed to defer to their fathers and spouses, or unable to attain certain positions. Certainly the anti-abortion, pro-death campaigners have no love for the rights of women.

Those of us who identify as atheists and skeptics like to think of ourselves as being beyond such beliefs. However, the last few years have certainly shown that is not the case. Throughout this subculture where people pride themselves on their critical thinking skills, sexism, racism, bullying, and hate are rampant. These attitudes are spread throughout the community, and includes such well known writers and speakers as Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris.

There are many others who use the internet as a means to  attack women, to the extent that some have quit their jobs or developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Amy Roth, an artist, and victim of extreme on-line harassment has put together an art installation titled “A Woman’s Room Online” at the Center For Inquiry-Los Angeles.

The room is intended to be an average office that a woman would work in. It is simply a normal office space, with a door, desk, chair and a computer and other small objects that one might have in a workspace, but this particular room has been transformed to clearly show the viewer what it can feel like to be targeted in your place of work, over multiple years with aggressive online stalking and harassment.

The room and its objects are blanketed with actual messages sent to, or publicly posted about the women who have contributed to the exhibit.

The messages are all real and were sent to or publicly posted about the women from July 2nd, 2011 up until now.

A few of the images from the installation:


Bullying and abuse are not limited by lack of religious, in fact, there seems to be no limits at all. Much writing on cyber-bullying is in relation to teens. However, it rampant throughout the on-line world, and certainly a women fare much worse than men do.

If the rest of us don’t speak out against this type of activity, we are essentially condoning it.

Guys don’t do that.

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