An Abortion Debate

Yesterday I posted my support for the ‪#‎MenForChoice‬ campaign. In response, I was handed a graphic picture from someone who is extremely anti-choice.

Here is the entire exchange, but I must warn you, the image is extremely graphic, and is the first time I have ever reported anything to the Facebook police.

The image he posts is entirely unsourced and uncredited, so there is no way of knowing the story here. The pregnancy could have been terminated for any reason, and there is no indication that it was assisted in any way. It’s just a photo used by people who oppose women’s rights of spreading lies and misinformation.

The poster, is not interested in keeping a discussion on topic, he just makes his talking points.

Brace yourself, it’s not pretty.

We have no evidence that this photo relates to abortion, but since that’s the argument he makes, lets look at some facts on late term abortion in Canada.

Despite what some may believe about the availability of late-term abortion services in Canada, Statistics Canada has reported that less than 1% of abortions take place past 20 weeks gestation. The fact remains that nearly 90% of abortions in Canada take place before 13 weeks gestation. The belief that a woman makes the choice to have an abortion easily and without giving it much thought is especially inaccurate in instances of late-term abortion. Many women who have an abortion after 20 weeks originally wanted to have a child, but chose to have an abortion after discovering that her foetus was severely or fatally impaired, or upon the discovery that her own health or life is endangered.  Other women need to access abortion services past 20 weeks because of extremely long wait-times or, especially in the case of young teenagers, because they were either not aware that they were pregnant or were in denial about being pregnant until the symptoms were no longer unavoidable. Whatever the reason a woman seeks to have an abortion past 20 weeks gestation, Canadians must know: abortion services in Canada are not uniformly accessible and late-term abortions are much more rare and difficult to access than abortions that take place within the first trimester of pregnancy.

According to the Gumacher Institute, ⅓ of abortions are carried out at 6 weeks or earlier.

Therefore, picture of an abortion would more likely look like this:


More appropriately, late term termination might look like this:

A foetus with a congenital defect from a woman who otherwise would have either given birth to a stillborn child or had to raise a severely disabled child with no resources.

The other case discussed in Avicenna’s post is that of a woman who had carried a dead foetus for 2 months before undergoing the procedure. The result was a case of septicemia.

When a woman shows up in a doctors office, what happens is between the two of them, and should not concern the rest of us.

As an addendum, I don’t particularly like to criticize people beyond the arguments, but I think it puts Henning’s ideas in context when we look at his Facebook profile and see that he attended a religious school, and also belongs to a MRA Facebook group (Straight White Guys for Equaliy) that has as it’s description:

In the world’s increasingly open and accepting society, one group of individuals is being overlooked, discriminated against, and looked down upon. Straight white men. This group is to promote awareness that heterosexual, white men are just as capable of compassion and understanding as anyone else. To denounce the labels of bigots and intolerants that are routinely placed upon us.

Oh pity us, the poor abused poor spelling straight white guys.

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