If you thought the movie was the most insane thing called Ultraviolet, you are sadly mistake. There is someone who seems to believe that ultraviolet light is the latest cure for everything.

Here is the content of an email sent to a fellow blogger. This is a simple copy and paste. All the misspelling and the run-on single paragraph are from the original.

It shows on your website you really wanted a new cure, developed in America it’s a scientific fact that humans & pet diseases can be destroyed by using ultraviolet light inside of thy x-ray machines an other related diseases & bacteria, by having Doctor’s scientists in a hospital or health center an under controlled conditions these’s diseases are easily erased in this way, the traditional high-intensity radiation bulb that is already installed in every X-ray machine be removed from the X Ray machines an replaced with a high intensity Ultra-Violet light bulb in it’s place. This procedure would allow the Ultra-Violet Light Rays curing properties to pass through thy Anatomy of any living creature pets as well curing them of any and all bacteria Diseases destroying the diseases Instantly including Ebola that’s killing humanity, most medicines well no longer be needed, check into the authenticity of my claims. This truly is thy solution an or prevention cure to human bacterial diseases, copyrights intiled, The ultraviolet light newsletter, the registration numbers are TXU001109530 TXu001240636 TXU001606023 this working hypothesis cures 80% of the medical problems that comes into every hospital Instantly, ask your questions on the internet have your own investigation, you’ll then have the Irrefutable proof for yourself. If you have children family, friends or a pet, that’s sick an or dieing save them an please investigate these’s facts, your a doctor or scientist that is knowledgeable on dacteria, germs, blood diseases, all viruses, you know disease can’t live under ultraviolet light, For contacts: Mr. Darryl Cunningham Eastpointe, Michigan this is just informative information (that is for sale) too you in the form of a U.S. Copyright. .ps. This message isn’t spam, I took the time to read up & find you.

I could spend hours debunking this foolishness, but I think the document stands on its own as an example of ridiculousness. Laugh or cry. The choice is yours.

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