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I’ve had a summer of home renovations, parties, company, and beach, so blogging dropped to a very low priority. These activities took precedence:


Things have settled down here, but I was bombarded with a plethora of topics that have dominated the news cycle this summer.

Just a few of the topics that have dominated the news cycles: the Russians in Crimea, ISIS in Syria, the US is back in Iraq, the Israelis in Gaza, the Pope OKs violence, Ebola, police vs blacks in Ohio, Missouri, and New York.

Closer to home, we had an abortion conference on PEI that attracted protesters with a limited grasp of truth and decency and a river of dead fish.

There were times I had to back away from news to preserve my own mental health. Sometimes I find it difficult to remain positive with human beings treating one another so terribly.

Of course, there was the constant nonsense that I often write about:


I hope all of you are having a good summer and haven’t given up on the weather just yet.

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