It’s absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love offbeat and bad movies.

They could have called it the Gnawing Dead,  but went with Zombeavers instead. A review at Best Horror Movies says it all:

The toxic waste has mutated the beavers into zombie beavers or, as the title calls them, Zombeavers. They are hungry for flesh, really smart, and unstoppable. To make matters worse, one of the guys has had his foot bitten off by them, and, on top of that there is no way out or manner to call for help as there is no cell phone reception, and the zombeavers have cut the phone lines. Hey, I did tell you that they were smart. Plus, whomever the beavers bite becomes a humanoid/zombeaver hybrid themselves, as matters just go from bad to totally freaking worse.


Coming soon to a lake near you.

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