Signs from Hawaii

I love signs. The impact a few words can have is incredible. Especially when they are extremely blunt, descriptive, or just plain misguided. Our recent trip to Hawaii brought a few new examples to my collection.

Clicking on the images will bring up a larger, and perhaps clearer, version. Most were snapped on my phone, so the quality varies.

To the point and stronger than a simple “Keep Out”

This one ups the ante. Besides dying, you can be fined.


This one spells out exactly what will kill you. And there’s that fine again. Dying can be expensive in Hawaii.

This is  a lava field from an eruption in the 1700s. I don’t know if all the words are legible, but basically, it’s a closed, protected area. If you go here, you can spend a year in jail and get blown to shit. Besides, walking on lava rocks is a great way to sprain an ankle or twist a knee.

No porta-potties here. Squeeze those cheeks.


Beach safety. No word of a fine for not following directions.


At the duty Free Shop in Honolulu airport they have a helpful sign that lets you know how much alcohol you are allowed to take home.

New Zealanders – 3 bottles
Australians  – 2 bottles
Canadians – 1

Apparently, we’re the wimps of the drinking world.


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