Fear of Traveling

First of all, this post does not apply to those who suffer from extreme anxiety disorders. You can’t just shrug that off and move on. For the rest of us, some amount of fear of the unknown can be overcome. This comic is especially aimed at women travellers, but the same mental approach can be applied to anything that takes us out of our comfort zone.     read the rest here. For me, this really came about after my breakdown 6½ years ago. I almost died at home and I figured I had nothing to lose, so I jumped on my motorcycle and camped my way through New England and up to Ontario to see me daughter. I stayed off major highways and wandered around the back roads. I got lost a lot, but even without GPS, managed to find my way there and back. Even writing this blog has been a good exercise in putting myself out there.


Sometimes, my mental illness gets in the way, but I’m doing my best to works around it.

My three children have been an inspiration to me as well. Collectively they have worked in England, China, and the Czech Republic, travelled in Europe, India, Nepal (hiked to Everest base camp), China, Thailand, Kuwait, and Ethiopia, bused, driven, and cycled across Canada,  and generally not let anything hold them back. Sure bad things can happen when you travel, but they can happen when you get out of bed in the morning. Hell, bad things can happen in bed.

So, travel, and when you do, leave the resort and see the world as the locals do. When you’re home, get out of bed.

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