UFO? No it’s something better

Yesterday, an odd shape appeared in the sky over Leamington Spa near Warwick, England.

Weather experts have been baffled by a black ring which appeared in the sky above Leamington Spa on Friday evening.
Schoolgirl Georgina Heap was playing tennis with her mother Jo Heap when she looked up at the sky near Warwick castle and saw a mysterious black ring.
She photographed the circle on her iPhone but so far, no one can explain the origin of the strange black mark.

This story being in the Daily Mail, after the weather office couldn’t help, the next call was to UFO expert, Nick Pope.

It’s a truly bizarre image. It looks like a smoke ring, but I can’t see where it could have come from.

‘Other alternatives would include some sort of unusual meteorological phenomenon.

‘One other possibility is that the shape is made up of millions of bees or other insects, but I’ve never heard of insects behaving in this way before, so if this is the explanation, it’s a real-life X-File.’

As it turns out, the explanation is actually a lot cooler than any of those. The circle was the result of fireworks shot from a trebuchet.

Warwick Castle has been occupied since the days of William the

Conqueror, although its days as a military base are long over. It was converted to a country home in 1604, and since 1978 it has been a major tourist attraction owned by the The Tussauds Group. Every day there are live shows demonstrating various demonstrations such as sword fighting techniques, hunting with birds, and firing a trebuchet.


It was the folks at Warwick Castle who provided the solution to the mystery.

The eventual answer came in the middle of Tuesday afternoon when a statement from Warwick Castle confirmed that they had been testing fireworks.

A Warwick Castle spokesman said they had been testing “fire effects” to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball – a giant catapult.

“We’ve seen a number of different effects, including the vortex images that have been reported,” the spokesman said. “As yet we don’t know what causes the phenomenon but it’s certainly a spooky spectacle.”

I do admit, that even though I’ve been to Warwick and seen the trebuchet, I never would have thought about them shooting fireworks.

Warwick is only a ½ hour drive from Stratford-on-Avon, and it’s a great excuse to spend some extra time in the area.

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