Australian Report – Homoeopathy doesn’t Work

In a report that should surprise no one, a draft paper by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) concluded that homoeopathy is useless. The committee, composed of physicians, pharmacists, and academics, worked under the following guidelines:

The Homeopathy Working Committee will guide the development of a review of the literature addressing the effectiveness of homeopathy (the Homeopathy Review) by providing advice to the Office of the NHMRC on:

  • methods to identify relevant published guidelines, systematic reviews, government reports and evidence submitted by relevant bodies; and
  1. methods to evaluate relevant published guidelines, systematic reviews, government reports and evidence submitted by relevant bodies.
  2. The Homeopathy Working Committee will consider the outcomes of the Homeopathy
  • review and use these findings to inform the development of:
  1. an information paper1on homeopathy; and
  2. position statement on homeopathy, for consideration by NHMRC Council.
  • The Homeopathy Working Committee will advise on the Homeopathy Review, information paper and position statement for NHMRC’s Health Care Committee, before recommendation to Council.

The group examined the published literature on the use of homoeopathy for almost 70 different conditions, for which homoeopathy is commonly used. The summary of the report is remarkably clear and concise.

There is a paucity of good-quality studies of sufficient size that examine the effectiveness of  homeopathy as a treatment for any clinical condition in humans. The available evidence is not compelling and fails to demonstrate that homeopathy is an effective treatment for any of the reported clinical conditions in humans.

This is something that has been brought up again and again. Not only are there no high quality studies that verify the effectiveness of homoeopathy, the very concept would alter much of modern chemistry and physics.

Unfortunately, Canada still lists homoeopathic treatments as ‘safe and effective‘ and offers tax relief for useless products.

Remember: should you ever visit someone claiming to be a health professional who in any way supports homoeopathy (e.g. naturopaths, chiropractors, etc)—run. Run away. Quickly.


Updated April 9, 2014

Steve Novella has a write up at Science Based Medicine on this and other studies that have been unable to find anything useful in homoeopathy.

A comment on that site mentions that despite these studies, the world’s largest manufacturer of homoeopathic products, Boiron, is doing better than ever.

Boiron shares have climbed from a 52 week low of 36.30 Euro to a close yesterday of 58.56 Euro and sales are approaching 600 million Euro annually. 2012 sales were up 8.2% over 2011.

Science illiteracy at its finest.

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