Muslims Win Again

Some Muslims push their thin-skinned idea of blasphemy, and they seem to be supported by many, especially in the UK. In the latest instance, a young British Muslim activist has forced Google to edit a Katy Perry video on Youtube.

It all began with an online petition started by Shazad Iqbal whose personal feelings are apparently shared by over 65,000 others. The petition was placed on the site and Google caved to the demands.

This petition is lodged In regards to Katy Perry’s music video ‘Dark Horse’; hosted by KatyPerryVEVO, on YouTube.
The video is considered as highly controversial to its viewers as a result of its portrayal of blasphemy.
At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse; a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word ‘Allah’, which is the arabic word for God.
Such goes to show, that blasphemy is clearly conveyed in the video, since Katy Perry (who appears to be representing an opposition of God) engulfs the believer and the word God in flames.
This is the reason for lodging the petition so that people from different walks of life, different religions and from different parts of the world, agree that the video promotes blasphemy, using the name of God in an irrelevant and distasteful manner would be considered inappropriate by any religion.
We hope that the video itself depicting such images is removed. Such acts are not condoned nor tolerated, we hope YouTube will remove the video.

While he wasn’t successful in a having the video removed, the shot was altered to hide the destruction of the offensive pendant.

Before and after – the pendant featuring Allah, the Arabic word for God, has been digitally removed from the scene. Photo from BBC.

For now, at least, the unretouched video containing the offensive image can be seen here, the altered one here. Watch at 1:15 for the difference. Don’t blink.

Of course, this is not a free speech issue since Google is not a government agency, and is not subject to the First Amendment of the US. They have the freedom to decide what they wish to host on their services, and this was decided in the court of public opinion, not a court of law. It is distressing to see them caving into the wishes of a particular religious group.

In another case, that did go to court involved a film that was developed to deliberately offend.

Yesterday, in a move that is sure to embolden swaths of Muslim grievance junkies, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Google to remove the controversial short film Innocence of Muslims from YouTube.

The 2-to-1 decision came when the judges found in favor of actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who objected to the film

… after learning that it incorporated a clip she had made for a different movie, which had been partially dubbed and in which she appeared to be asking: “Is your Mohammed a child molester?“

These five seconds out of 13 minutes could be considered a fair use for satire or a misuse of a person’s image, I really don’t know the legal arguments. Google claimed that the movie has become an important part of public debate and is appealing the decision. While not available on YouTube, this is the internet after all and Daily Motion still has the film available.

In a reaction reminiscent of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon controversy of 2005, protests were held throughout the Muslim dominated world and resulted in numerous deaths and many injuries.

Everything on the Internet offends someone. If we allow a small subset of the Muslim, or any other group, to control what is available on line or in any medium for public viewing, the world is in trouble.

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