The Opiate Effect: A Documentary on Drug Addiction

Opiates are a powerful tool in the management of severe pain. Unfortunately, for some people they have extremely negative effects that can be devastating to individuals and families. The stigmas and legal issues involved make difficult treatments even more difficult.

I’ve mentioned Rose Barbour on my blog before. She’s a fellow PE Islander and a campaigner for raising awareness for the problems of drug addictions. From her latest post, I discovered this documentary from Green River Pictures detailing some of issues faced by addicts and their families in the US.

More details are available from the filmmakers (this is also an alternative site to view the video)

Will Gates died from a heroin overdose in 2009. His father skip began a journey to try and educate as many people as possible of the harm in not only the drug, but how we are dealing with the problem. Through the voices of Skip, his son Sam, former opiate abusers, The HowardCenter, Senator Leahy, Tristram Coffin, Attorney General Holder and more; we find ourselves amidst reality.
We produced this short documentary with other concerned citizens as a free resource. While it is targeted towards teenagers, it has been comforting to many family members who have lost a loved one to addiction or overdose. This video is public domain and Skip Gates is available to present the film at public screenings around the country.

Telly Awards:
Silver Telly- FILM/VIDEO – Documentary

Communicator Awards:
Award of Excellence – Social Issues
Award of Excellence – Cinematography
Award of Distinction – Documentary

The deaths of a number of celebrities linked to opiates, most recently Philip Seymour Hoffman, has put the use of opiates in the public eye. This film brings it to the personal level.

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