The Great White Lego North

Jeff Friesen is a photographer based in Halifax NS. Along with numerous international awards, he has had his photographs published in such papers as National Grographic, Der Spiegal (Germany), London Daily Mail, Saltscapes, and many others. As a sideline, he plays with Lego. And he plays with skill and wit.

He has assembled dioramas to symbolize each province of Canada, and photographed them.  All photos are available on his website.

In my other life I’m a serious award-winning photographer, much given to brooding and brow-furrowing. That part of my life is known as “Bert.”

Every summer I look after my daughter for half the day and we do all kinds of projects, including making dioramas of her toys and photographing them in a little studio set-up. It’s always hard work to get nice pictures, even of toys, but it’s also a lot of fun. That part of my life is known as “Ernie.”

The Brick Fantastic brings “Bert” and “Ernie” together with a big pile of Lego bricks. I hope you enjoy the results and thank you for visiting.


Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick





British Columbia


Northwest Territories


Friesen also has completed dioramas for all 50 American states. Full size prints of all provinces and states are available for sale on Friesen’s site.

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