Catholic leaders promote death

There really is no scientific or epidemiological controversy over the efficacy of Gardasil and Cervarix, the two Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines licensed for use in Canada. Much of the manufactured controversy comes from people who campaign against vaccines in general and have invented the Post-Gardasil Syndrome as an excuse for their stance. Of course, with  any vaccine, there are some people who are legitimately advised to avoid the shot.

The other group that is against this life saving treatment are the religious, in this particular instance, the Catholic School Boards in Alberta and Ontario.

The chair of an Alberta Catholic school board has angrily rejected renewed calls to let his students be immunized against HPV in school, suggesting vaccine advocates were tempting children to defy teachings of the Church’s “Magistarium” and the word of Jesus himself.

Peter Grad, chair of the Medicine Hat Catholic School Board, concluded a terse email by urging a member of the group HPV Canada to stop “harassing” him.

The advocate had earlier asked him and the board to “save the children in your schools from getting cancer and other maladies.”

Medicine Hat is among seven publicly funded boards in Alberta and one in Ontario — all Catholic — that will not allow children to be immunized against HPV in their facilities.

Although the Vatican and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops have taken no stance on the vaccines, a number of Catholic bishops and school board administrators have taken it upon themselves to protect the purity of their students.

There is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine leads to any increase in sexual activity or promiscuity, so these people are endangering children for no reason whatsoever, other than their own blind obedience. Not only are they endangering the students who they are denying the vaccine, due to the impact of herd immunity, they are endangering our children as well.

In their quest to push for a culture of pro-life, they are actually promoting death.

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2 Responses to Catholic leaders promote death

  1. Merck wishes the Calgary school board will review their policy on HPV vaccination! Shaw and Tomljenovich have recently provided us with more important information as to this vaccine’s efficacy and safety. In Current Pharmaceutical Design online now, they” carried out systematic review of HPV vaccine licensure trials to assess the evidence of their effectiveness and safety. We find HPV vaccine trials design and data interpretation of both efficacy and safety outcomes were largely inadequate. Additionally, we note evidence of selective reporting of results from clinical trials… Likewise the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by highly flawed design of safety trials and is contrarary to surveillance data bases.” Another one, ” Death after qHPV vaccination: Causal or Coincidental” ( you can see it at Sanevax)” provides evidence of a biologically plausible mechanism linking a vaccine to a serious adverse outcome- demonstrating the need for further studies.” It may well be that the Calgary Catholic Board has dodged a bullet.

    • Merck is definitely in a conflict when doing studies, and often times industry works hard to skew studies. However, both Shaw and Tomljenovich are known as having a strong anti-vaccine bias in their outlook and tend to push their agenda using poor science. There is more to read at Respectful Insolence and Radio Freethinker. The people at Sanevax and Age of Autism push an anti-vaccine agenda that ignores and denies almost everything that is known about vaccines, their actions, and effects.

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