Post 1000

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my words over the past few years. I have mostly enjoyed the learning that goes into researching my posts, although I admit sometimes, it’s just me sharing the odd things I find as I spend way too much time surfing.

I began writing this blog on October 14 2010, that’s almost 3 years (2 years, 10 months, and 24 days or 1060 days to be exact). I really have no idea how many words that I have written in that time.

In that time, I have had a total of 74,269 individual page views from all around the world. That’s an average of over 74 views per post. The most in one day was on September 10, 2012 when one of my posts on Homoeopathy was posted and Reddit, and became popular for a day or two when it was viewed by 1843 people (or 1 person 1843 times). Obviously, some of the days were quite low to hit that average.

WordPress country stats only go back until Feb 2012, and in that time, the top ten views by country have been:

United States       17,264
Canada                    13,769
United Kingdom   3,082
Australia                   1,086
Germany                       712
India                              606
France                           415
Philippines                  386
Italy                                357
Netherlands                353

The 10 most popular posts have been

Home page / Archives 13,830
Naked Gardening 3,699
Homeopathy on the attack 1,939
How to (not) deal with naked protesters 1,596
Who am I? 1,274
Organic supporters try to change history 1,049
Occupy LEGO 997
Axe and Vulva Original and Sex in Advertising 928
Change in Uniform for Beach Volleyball 919
Miss Universe Canada, not so Universal Afterall. 858

The top ten searches that have led people to my site

orit fox 545
jenna takalova 454
pei curmudgeon 446
naked gardening 378
thaipusam 293
nude gardening 242
prefenestrated 205
beach volleyball uniform change 193
holoprosencephaly 190
naked garden 178

Apparently, people are very interested in snakes and large breasts and getting their clothes off in the garden. A connection perhaps?

So thank you again for reading, and I’m not done yet.

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