Child Sexual Abuse in the Dominican Republic

Surprise, surprise. A high ranking member of the Catholic church in the Dominican Republic  is involved in a case of sexual abuse. Is this even news any more? That’s the sad part, it hardly even registers in the media any longer, it’s just another day in journalism.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, confirmed that Archbishop Wesolowski had been removed from his post a few weeks ago and that the church was conducting an investigation of him. He declined to provide any further details.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rest easy, the Vatican is investigating.

The nation’s attorney general, Francisco Domínguez Brito, said Wednesday that his office had not received any accusations about the papal nuncio, Archbishop Josef Wesolowski, and was aware only of rumors.

The church didn’t turn him over to the police, or even allow an official complaint to be made. There is also no information on Wesolowski’s whereabouts. Child abuse is still a matter to be resolved behind the locked doors of the church, and not in the courts of the nation.

Business as usual.

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