Love and Pain

All of our feelings and emotions are driven by the interactions of the chemicals that make up the various systems through which our body functions. In its simplest form, dualism is the belief system we also consist of a non-physical entity that controls our thought and emotions. Dualism actually has many other meanings, but hey, this is Saturday, and it’s time to take a light hearted look at life.

The emotion of love is often used as a comparison to God – as in I can’t see and God, and I can’t see love. I believe in love so I should believe in (this particular) God. Of course, love is an emotion for which I have a subject (e.g. my family, good beer, etc) that exists. Gods on the other hand are the subjects of emotion (love, fear, etc)


But there are some who don;t believe in love because it is just chemical.

Love is real, pain is real, and so is chemistry.

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