Naturopathy in the Newspaper

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Naturopathy in the Newspaper.

In my local newspaper, a  naturopath has an advice column that sometimes contains a few grains of good advice, but mostly consists of free advertisement for her services and a bit of scaremongering. An example is this this week’s column. [quotations from the naturopath’s article are bolded]

Question: Last year my nine-year-old son’s teacher described him as tired, unmotivated and fidgety, especially after lunch.

Do you have any suggestions to help him out?

Without any more information on whether or not this parent had the same concerns with their child at home or in other situations, our intrepid naturopath launches into a litany of unlikely causes and improbable cures. Only a few of these have any scientific research to actually back up the statements. Mostly our naturopath makes assumptions and provides very questionable advice. Granted, this is the format of nearly all advice columns on relationships, manners, and health, but I think the advice from naturopaths and other CAM providers has the potential for serious damage.

Without further ado, let’s look at the column.

Read the rest here.

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