REAL Women of Canada – a disappointment to women and Canada

REAL (Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life) Women of Canada was established in 1983, believes that the nuclear family is the most important unit in Canadian society, and that the fragmentation of the Canadian family is a primary cause of social disorder. It lobbies the Government of Canada in favour of legislation to promote what it believes to be the Judeo-Christian model of family life, and to support homemaking. It is also opposed to feminism, abortion and LGBT rights.

They haven’t been in the news much lately, so they decided they needed a headline grabber. Their choice was to jump on the recent publicity around the stance of the Russian and some African governments on gay rights and Canada’s response.

In a telephone interview with CBC News, Gwendolyn Landolt, national vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, disputed that defending the rights of gays and lesbians is a human rights issue in other countries.

“According to the culture and the religion of, you know, Uganda it’s not a human rights issue. You can’t imply that every country has to take our human rights issues and plunk it down in another country. And particularly when you’re spending all that taxpayers’ money to implement a standard which is not that of that country,” she said.

When asked about reports that Uganda has considered the death penalty as punishment for having homosexual relations, Landolt said, “It may be unwise by Western standards, but who are we to interfere in a sovereign country?”

Here are some of the Russian activities REAL Women thinks Canada should condone through silence:

Some of these, such as SSM being the sign of the apocalypse and comments by lawmakers and Facebook groups are the same as many North Americans act. Others where being gay or supporting gays leads to state supported violence should result in censure by governments who support equal rights.

I am certainly not suggesting that we can rest on our laurels in having totally overcome prejudices, but we are making strides in removing legislative barriers to equality. Groups such as REAL Women have the right to say what they wish, and I have the right to call them out as hateful bigots.

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