Not from the Grassy Knoll

Ever since the death of John F Kennedy in 1963, there have been theories and claims of a second shooter, usually positioned on the grassy knoll in Dealy Plaza in Dallas.

The photo on the right was taken about 30 seconds after the shots were fired, and form one of the basis for the theories.

Even without the photos, there would always be those who discount an official report, just because it is an official report.

One potential shooter who hasn’t received much press is Secret Service agent George Hickey who, according to some, shot the president from behind when his car stopped suddenly.

The Reelz Channel documentary, entitled “JFK: The Smoking Gun,” alleges that Secret Service agent George Hickey accidentally shot JFK during his November 1963 trip to Dallas, Texas, The Huffington Post reports. The documentary tracks the four-year investigation of Colin McLaren, a police detective who determined that Hickey had inadvertently contributed to the Kennedy assassination.

During an event at the Television Critics Association press tour, McLaren alleged that Hickey, who rode in the car directly behind JFK, had been drinking the night before Kennedy was assassinated, The Huffington Post reports. In addition, the detective claimed that he uncovered evidence that Hickey wasn’t qualified to use the weapon that he had been issued.

“It was his first time in the follow car, his first time holding the assault weapon he was using,” McLaren told the crowd. The producers of “JFK: The Smoking Gun” theorize that Hickey grabbed his weapon to defend Kennedy after the assassin’s bullets were filed, The Huffington Post reports. However, his car unexpectedly stopped, causing Hickey to accidentally discharge his weapon and shoot Kennedy.

In 1995, Hickey sued Bonar Menninger who made the claim in his 1992 book, Mortal Error: The Shot that Killed JFK.  Hickey died in 2011, removing any legal constraints to turning the book into a movie.

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  1. saherbal says:

    Glad to see you have seen the light and have crossed over to the conspiracy theorists. Welcome.

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