Foetus Toys at North Dakota State Fair

For some people, the ends justify the means, and it seems that this is very true for the pro-death camp in the abortion debate. Jezebel reports that one group has been handing out squishy toy foetuses  in candy bags at the North Dakota State Fair. Sort of a Cracker Jack prize with a twist.

Minot Right to Life spent the weekend giving away creepy little fetuses to kids without asking parents’ permission first. “It was really disturbing watching children run around with them,” one recalled…

“The Precious One” fetal models are manufactured by Heritage House, a “pro-life supply store,” for $1.50 a pop — cheaper if you buy in bulk. “Its beautiful detail, softness and weight can really move hearts and change minds!” the website promises. A customer service representative told Jezebel that the models are most often given to pregnant women at “pregnancy centers” and kids at school presentations. The customer reviews on the site (it’s like Yelp for fetus-lovers instead of foodies) further imply that the doll-like figures are great for kids. “Children especially like to hold them,” one satisfied customer wrote. “No other item that we hand out has the amazing effect that these fetal models have — instant attachment to the unborn!” said another. “So many times, we hear, ‘Awwwww! That’s adorable!’ Or we just see a girl’s tears begin to form and fall.”

Isn’t that sweet. A plush foetus for your child to play with. All squishy and pink. Not only was the group handing out the toys, they were giving pamphlets with details:

“Week 1: conception; the baby is smaller than a grain of sugar, but the instructions are present for all that this person will ever become.”

Well, except for epigenetics, maternal mental and physical health, and family socio-economic status. BTW, here is the actual size of a human blastocyst:

See it? Didn’t think so, .1mm isn’t very big.

Apparently, the demand is high among some, and the executive director of the organization is just a bit disingenuous:

Devyn Nelson, Executive Director of North Dakota Right to Life, said he hadn’t been contacted by organizers and claimed that the booth ran out of “Precious Ones” because there was such a high demand for the mini fetuses. “Kids like them, but adults like them too,” he said. “They have nothing to do with abortion. You don’t have to bring abortion up at all.”

If the toys had nothing to do with abortion, they wouldn’t be referring to something smaller than a grain of sugar as a person or spending the money and effort to hand them out.

Amber Mendez, a mother of three who attended Saturday’s parade, had this to say about the toys:

“My kids can read,” she said. “I shouldn’t have to explain to five and six-year olds what abortion is at a family event. I doubt these people would be allowed to hand out condoms to little kids. But it’s okay to talk to them about abortion without my permission?”

If it involves taking away the rights of women, of course it’s okay.

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One Response to Foetus Toys at North Dakota State Fair

  1. This is disgusting. How about helping kids with their homework and teaching them how to make informed and rational decisions?

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