Homeopathy, Physics, and Magic

Barcelona Spain was recently the home of  the inaugural International Homeopathy Research Conference, hosted by The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI). The purpose of the conference, as in many conferences, was to share new knowledge in the field. However, what new is to be learned from a field such as homoeopathy where the effects are as difficult to find as the active ingredients.

A blogger describes his experiences:

Scientists and researchers from all over the world presented their findings and theories, some of which – if true – could truly revolutionize our concepts of medicine and physics.

Our writer’s initial observation is spot on. For homoeopathy to have any validity at all, many other sciences would need to be totally revised. Medicine and physics are constantly being updated and refined, but the chances of homoeopathy as the driving force behind the rewriting of the germ theory of disease and the molecular laws of physics and chemistry are about as likely as finding an active ingredient in a 100X solution of Oscillum.

The next big discovery is called Transference, and we’re not talking about falling in love with your therapist.

What is that you ask? Well more than one person claimed that remedies seem to affect living organisms from a distance. And to top of the Freaky voodoo-like effect, water placed next to a homeopathic remedy seems to take on the characteristics of the remedy. And guess what, it’s been observed repeatedly in laboratory situations.

Keynote speaker Dr. Stephan Baumgartner, a physicist from the university of Bern, presented a simple experiment he conducted on wheat seedlings. He placed wheat seedlings linearly next to a vial of homeopathic remedy, arsenicum album 45X which he potentised by hand in his lab. He discovered that the seedlings closest to the remedy showed a decrease in growth, and were affected to a greater extent than those furthest away from the remedy. This force could affect clinical and laboratory outcomes in relation to homeopathic research. The implications are that since physical contact with a remedy may not be required to feel its affects. So presumably, individuals in a placebo or control group could still be affected by the action of a remedy.

Dr. Gustavo Bracho, an immunologist from Cuba, presented a study about homeopathic dilutions of a plant extract with anti-tumoral properties. He discovered completely by accident,that if he stored water (for his control / placebo group) next to a homeopathic dilution of the extract, the water would take on the same properties as the remedy. He found that at specific potencies or dilutions, the homeopathic remedy would have a toxic effect on tumor cells. If the water was kept at a distance from the remedy it would not demonstrate the same effects. Hmm I wonder if this could be affecting homeopathic research by contaminating placebo and control groups.

So, you don’t need to ingest a homoeopathic remedy, you only need proximity to these infinitesimally diluted solutions for the effect to be manifested. Or, if it doesn’t work, as none of them do, it can be blamed on storing the solution too close to another infinitesimally diluted solution. If that’s not belief in magic, I don’t know what is.

Can you imagine going to your physician with a serious infection and being told that you don’t need to take these antibiotics, just keep them close and the cure will happen. Oh, and if you get low, just keep them in a cabinet next to a bottle of sterilized water and presto! you’ll have a new bottle of antibiotics. Should also work for anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives, and all sorts of other treatments. What a saving on medications. Big Pharma must be suppressing this full time. But then, Big Nature must be as well, since one purchase from Boiron can last a lifetime.

Before you laugh this off entirely, remember that Naturopaths study and practice homoeopathy as well. So, when these groups look for integration into real medicine remember that they don’t believe in medicine, they believe in magic.

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