Can we call them Pro-Death Now?

They like to refer to themselves as being “Pro-Life” because they believe that the life of a foetus takes precedence over the life of a women. However, we continue to see examples where this concept is actually pro-death. There have been a number of high profile instances lately where women were harmed by policies and beliefs that place a low regard on their lives and health.

Last fall, I summarized a report on Miscarriage Management in Catholic-Owned Hospitals that described a large number of instances of women who died, almost died, or faced negative health impacts due to these policies. More recently, the Roman Catholic inspired laws of Ireland came under fire after the death of Savita Halappanavar, whose case was mishandled primarily due to these rules.

The latest example to make headlines is the case of Beatriz, an El Salvadoran woman, who has been denied an abortion, despite the fact that her life may be endangered by a non-viable foetus.

El Salvador’s highest court on Wednesday denied an appeal from a woman with a high-risk pregnancy to be allowed to undergo an abortion, upholding the country’s strict law banning abortion under any circumstances.

Beatriz, a 22-year-old woman who asked that her last name be withheld to protect her identity, has lupus and related complications that doctors say will get worse as the pregnancy, which is in its 26th week, continues, possibly leading to serious illness or even death.

Not only does this delay endanger her life, the foetus is anencephalic, and has virtually no chance of survival post-birth. The court was very clear in their decision:

in a 4-to-1 ruling, the court cited the country’s legal “absolute impediment to authorize the practice of abortion,” and ruled that “the rights of the mother cannot be privileged over those” of the fetus.

The court stated that the threat to Beatriz’s life was not imminent, but eventual, and that doctors must wait until that threat became immediate before intervening.

The anti-abortion groups are pleased with the court.

“Once again Salvadorans have given an example to the entire world that we defend the right to life of all human beings however small, poor, vulnerable or defenseless,” said Julia Regina de Cardenal, director of the foundation Yes to Life.

She said the group was willing to offer whatever help Beatriz needed, adding, “Abortion is a cruel and bloody murder in which not only does the child die but the mother is hurt physically and mentally.”

They give no explanation as to how this makes any sense whatsoever in this instance.  Evidence given by her doctors demonstrated that the longer the pregnancy progresses, the more danger Beatriz is in, and there is no potential life to save. This woman is being hurt physically and mentally both by the foetus she carries and by these sanctimonious fuckers.

It becomes more and more obvious that anti-abortion campaigners are not pro-life at all. They will accept the death of women as long as it meets their political ends. Pro-death they are.

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9 Responses to Can we call them Pro-Death Now?

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve been calling them the same as you said in the title for a long time. Most pro-lifers actually relate more as a conservative pro-choice, it’s the zealots like this that give absolutely no option for the woman. In instances like this, I wish there were a way to transport the life sucking pregnancy out of the woman who wants to live to the zealot who wants to give the baby life. Anyone arguing for a fetus and not for overall health of the family (including the woman), should be willing to put themselves out there for that.

  2. Not to mention how startlingly often a “pro-life” advocate is also pro-war / pro-military intervention, pro-guns, pro-capital punishment, anti-public health care, anti-immigration (even or especially refugees), anti-international aid, and so on. As Condescending Wonka would ask, “Tell me again how you’re pro-life?”

  3. lance says:

    And by pro-guns I assume you mean pro-self-defense – which saves lives. It (“pro-guns”) really doesn’t belong on your list.

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  5. “Even when a person is dead, bodily autonomy trumps right to life. After all, they still need permission to harvest organs from a corpse to save other lives. I just think that women should at least have the same right to bodily autonomy as a corpse.”
    – From “worry about your own uterus” on Tumblr
    I thought this to be a very significant quote especially since your next blog focuses on organ donation.
    Love your blog!

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