Science is in Trouble in Canada

John Dupuis is a librarian at York University and write a blog, Confessions of a Science Librarian for the National Geographic sponsored site Science Blogs. In a recent post, Dupuis provides a time line of changes made to funding and support of science since the Canadian Conservative Party took power in 2006.

I know that all of us may have strong feelings on individual actions listed here. Some may strongly agree with Harper on some cuts. However, the number and scope of cuts indicates an extremely cynical  pro-industry anti-science attitude. An attitude that I believe will have a long term negative impact on our country’s economy and standard of living.

Here is Dupuis’ list:

Again, you may agree with some points, but it seems impossible to disagree with the fact that Harper and his government have a history of looking at gutting research in Canada.

Dupuis acknowledges that his list is incomplete, and many of the commenters on his post link to other articles that support his thesis.

It does not bode well for our future.

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3 Responses to Science is in Trouble in Canada

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  2. Lance says:

    Perhaps Harper realizes that scientific research is too important to be done by government. The list you quoted also shows the incredible amount of taxpayer dollars spent (“wasted” would be a better word in many cases) on numerous areas of “research”.

    Many government projects are established by “chicken little” interest groups saying in effect: “If we don’t research this or that then the sky will fall”.

    • Generally speaking, research that is funded by by private industry (e.g. pharmaceutical industry, natural product industry, tobacco industry, etc) are the most suspect. Nearly all epidemiology id conducted using government resources.

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