Children at the Chiropractor

A recent article by a chiropractor in Denver Colorado promotes some serious pseudoscience or quackery for children. Given his chosen field, his belief system has already lead him to see chiropractic as a panacea for all the ailments of humankind. I use the term ‘belief’ deliberately, as the evidence just doesn’t support most of the claims of chiropractors.  In this instance, Jace Buzek, promotes an early start to spinal manipulations.

Oh the terrible two’s. For a chiropractor, it’s more like the terrible two’s, three’s and four’s! Getting your child to comply for a doctor of any kind is tough, let alone a doctor who is going to gently put their hands on their back and neck. However, this is a very important time for your child to keep up with their wellness. Aside from the great benefits for a growing child’s development, chiropractic plays a pivotal role in managing other illnesses such as otitis media (ear infections), croup, pertussis and more.

Pertussis? What the fuck. In 2008, the WHO reports that in 2008, 195,000 children worldwide died from this disease that is largely preventable by vaccines. The appropriate treatment for pertussis (whooping cough) is antibiotics. A visit to a chiropractor who believes manipulating your child’s spine could be a treatment for such a serious disease has the potential for tragic results.

The rest of the post discusses how to prepare your child for their first visit to the chiropractor where they will receive the first ‘preventative’ treatment. This is the kind of BS that can cause serious harm to children.

If you have any questions about paediatric chiropractic, rather than trusting the person selling you the service, take a look at  what the research actually says. Sam Homola, writing at Science Based Medicine, summarizes the research in a post where he calls the practice “scientifically indefensible“.  In England, Simon Singh has made headlines in the fight against the claims of chiropractors in an internationally covered lawsuit. In the end, the chiropractors were forced to back off from some of there more egregious claims, such as those made by Buzek in the post above.

To tie this in with a number of other posts, it is this sort of blatant disregard for science based medicine, or even science in general,  that leads me to argue against any regulation and licensing for these alternative medicine practitioners. Our governments should not assist in legitimizing these practices.





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2 Responses to Children at the Chiropractor

  1. Emily says:

    “plays a pivotal role in managing” where in that sentence does it say you shouldn’t take antibiotics and that chiropractors can cure pertussis? Chiropractors like Dr. Buzek aren’t trying to say they can cure diseases. They think you should take antibiotics when you are really sick, but based on EVIDENCE and EXPERIENCE they know that getting adjusted does things like strengthening the immune system which will help combat or prevent things like the whopping cough. Sure there are doctors out there who disagree with chiropractic. Do you know why? They don’t want their patients to get better by just getting adjusted when they can make thousands of dollars off of treating their symptoms (i.e. pain killers and unnecessary surgery). Besides – chiropractic is PASSIVE care. What every chiropractor will tell you is the way to get better from an injury or illness is to take ACTIVE care of YOURSELF by eating well, exercising, and strengthening unbalanced parts of your body. They also understand when to send you to a doctor who can run blood tests and prescribe antibiotics or do surgery if it’s necessary. That is why is PREVENTATIVE.

    • Emily – The primary point is that there is absolutely no place for chiropractic in the treatment for pertussis. The concept of ‘strengthening’ the immune system is something invented by those who believe in vitalism.

      Yes, I do know why there are doctors who put no faith in chiropractic – because there is no proof that it works beyond treatment of mechanical-type back pain, and some few other muscular-skeletal issues. You are accusing physicians of not wanting to cure their patients to earn extra money in a comment on an article where a chiropractor is selling his unnecessary services to children.

      How is spinal manipulation ‘passive’ care? Every physician will tell you that diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices have a major impact on your health. This is an area that alt-med has adopted from medicine, and attempted to co-opt as its own.

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