The Monster Under the Bed

Almost all children have fears of monsters in closets or under their beds. There are many techniques parents can use to help their troubled offspring and help everyone get a decent night’s sleep. The first of these is understanding the psychology behind those fears.

 Scaring the Monster Away: Children’s and Parents’ Conceptions of Coping Strategies to Deal with Children’s Fear of Real and Imaginary Entities By Liat Sayfan (unpublished PhD dissertation).

The Table of Contents of the Dissertation:
Part I: The development of emotional understanding

  1. Infants’ sensitivity to the expression of emotion:
  2. Antecedents for emotional understanding
  3. Recognizing and labeling emotions
  4. Comprehending causes of emotions
  5. Understanding the subjective nature of emotions

Part II: Dealing with negative emotions

  1. The construct of emotion regulation
  2. Development of emotion self-regulation
  3. Emotion regulation within the social interaction context
  4. Classifications of coping strategies
  5. The development of children’s coping strategies:conceptions and use

Part III: Children’s fears

  1. Developmental trends of children’s objects of fear
  2. Children’s understanding of the causes of fear
  3. Children’s ability to distinguish imagined from real entities
  4. Imagination processes and fear reactions:
  5. Imaginary proneness and control skills
  6. Studies overview

Sometimes the best answer is to name the Undead Under The Bed.

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