Rehtaeh Parsons is not Forgotten Part 2

The other part of this continuing tale is the people who have decided that whoever raped her still believes in the innocence of the as yet unnamed perpetrators. These posters have been appearing in the community, and while not illegal, are offending many.

“This is our street, we are mourning our daughter, my children live in this neighbourhood. If you wanted to speak the truth … why didn’t you speak when Rehtaeh was alive … you push her to suicide then you continue with this bulls—!!! Really???? You have no compassion … but we knew that already,” Parsons wrote on the Facebook page she created to honour her daughter’s memory.

In addition to the posters, there was a Facebook page created to support the boys, although the police had it taken down because it contained information that could be used to identify the boys.

The problem with this approach is that the people behind this are denying that Rehtaeh was raped at all. If and when one or more are named, it is fair that those individuals should be supported by their families and friends. That is the principle of presumed innocence. The wording of the posters suggest that once all the information comes out it will be shown that either no rape occurred or any sexual activity was consensual. As far as I have read, there has been no suggestion that sexual assault did not occur.

Although the verbal and emotional abuse that she suffered after the incident may not technically been illegal, it is hard to imagine anyone supporting that type of activity. There is no doubt that Rape Culture is alive and well in Atlantic Canada.

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