Argument from Batman

From The Philosophy Index
A valid argument form is one that produces true conclusions if the premises provided to it are true. In logic, argument forms serve to provide and verify the structures of arguments that are valid, in order to facilitate the formation of valid arguments in language.

Here are some common valid argument forms:

  • Associative laws
  • Conditional exchange rule
  • Commutative laws
  • Contraposition rule
  • Disjunctive syllogism
  • Double negation rule
  • De Morgan’s laws
  • Exportation rule
  • Hypothetical syllogism
  • Negated conditional rule
  • Modus ponens
  • Modus tollens

Some of these argument forms, as well as some simpler ones, serve as the rules of inference by which logic can be conducted.

The argument from Batman trumps them all

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