Is this satire?

Some people are so far out there that it can be hard to tell if they are writing satire or if they really believe the bullshit they spew. One site that seems like satire is Project: Free America.  Their stated goal is to remove the laws in the US that criminalize rape, homicide, and cannibalism.

Reclaim Your Right to Kill
The “Free America” project is fueled by a dedication to the vision of an America without constricting laws, such as those against rape, murder, and cannibalism. As Americans, we all deserve unconditional freedom, and we shouldn’t be imprisoned by moral constraints and fear-driven campaigns any more!

Legalize Homicide
For centuries, advocates of American ideals have pushed for an equal and free nation, but overlook the liberties and responsibilities involved with true liberty in favor of a fascist system of preventative measures. Because of this, convicted murderers and rapists have been oppressed for years.

With Project: Free America, we are fighting to see a country that embraces the idea of individual responsibility, allowing a mutual respect between citizens rather than a fearful existence, enforced by a strict legal system. Therefore, we are against all government involvement in any moral issues – this includes homicide.

Even they would put some restrictions on the right to kill.

No Killing Children
Children and young adults under the age of 18 will not have the right to commit legal homicide. Likewise, it will be illegal to kill anyone under the age of 18.

No Corporate Death Squads
Contrrary to popular belief, we do not feel that corporations, businesses, organizations, and non-profits are “people” and therefore do not fall under the rights of the American people. The right to commit homicide will only be available to American citizens, never organized groups of people, such as corporations.

A Right of All American Citizens

Only American citizens will be granted the right to kill legally, under any circumstances. Therefore, immigrants and foreigners will not be able to kill at will. They will still be able to commit homicide if it is protected under our current laws, such as in self-defense, automobile accidents, or if granted authority by the state (police officer, soldier, etc.). However, Americans WILL be able to kill non-American citizens – including illegal immigrants from Mexico.

I can’t see that last being good for tourism. There are people out there who really seem like satirists,  but are real believers with extreme views. Westboro Baptist Church immediately comes to mind.

Satire must have a target, and the target of Project: Free America could be anarchists who believe that government essentially should not exist, or perhaps Libertarians who have gone several steps too far (where they essentially become anarchists). Maybe they are satirizing those who believe illegal immigrants pose such an imminent threat they should be deported or killed.

Satire or extremists? Satire I think.

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One Response to Is this satire?

  1. Spear says:

    Maybe satire – unless it’s from believers of the “Religion of Peace”

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