Obese Lesbians part 2

My last post focused on whether or not it is worthwhile to examine how sexual orientation affects obesity. The headlines around the web demonstrate some of the attitudes people have towards women, lesbians, and obesity, but there are some comments on blogs that show just how extreme some of these feelings are.

For one example, I chose the blog of Ann Althouse, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She reports the story and suggests that the battle for equal rights has blinded us to the differences between gay men and women, and between each of those and bisexuals and straights.  All reasonable thoughts. What is totally unreasonable are many of the comments on her article. Here is a sample:

Sorun said
“What is your seat-of-the-pants folk wisdom on the subject”
Fat (and unattractive) women are more likely to become lesbians.

Shouting Thomas said
We’ve known for some time that lesbians aren’t really gay!
And, yes, Althouse, I already know why people get fat. That “seat of the pants wisdom” has been around a lot longer than you and your prized intellect. Maybe you lost the seat of your pants and your ass is hanging out?
Studies, my fat ass! Fat ass studies are make work projects for women who should be making babies and raising a family.

LarsPorsena said
I’ve often noticed that fat lesbians wear plaid. I think this should be studied.

Shouting Thomas said,;…
We’ve been focusing on gay rights so much in recent years …
What a load of bullshit is that statement!
What in the fuck rights are gays missing?
What we’ve been focusing on is a bunch of spoiled brats playing out the victimhood scam that Althouse played out in her youth. She can’t let go of the nostalgia.
It sure as hell has nothing to do with rights.

Tank said
Just checking my copy of the Constitution for the part where it authorizes the feds to spend our money on research into why fat lesbians eat too much.
I’ll get to you when I find it.

Scott M said
I’ve often noticed that fat lesbians wear plaid.
That’s because it goes well with unshorn legs, wallet chains, and mullets.

Shouting Thomas said
If only the lezzies looked and acted the way they do on men’s porn sites, it would be a better world!
Let’s fight for the “rights” of lezzies to make it a better world!

Michael said
Oh, it is going to cost us alright. A lot. Observe. In every aisle of every big box store waddle the fatties. The airports are full of them walking at ultra slow speeds stopping to check every food vendor and snack shop. Watch them at bus stops. 75% of gay women are fatties versus 50% of straights. Wow. Big deal.
Every one of these fat shits is going to want to be bailed out health-wise. Watch and see. Disgusting.

Mitchell the Bat said
Well, I’ve only known two skinny lesbians in all my life and all the rest were porkers so it’s good to know my casual observation is now supported by hard science.

Cardiac Jack said
Isn’t it obvious why lesbians get fat? They don’t do dick.

Nomennovum said
If lesbians are fat because they don’t have to impress men, then why are so many straight women fat?
I think there are not enough lesbians out there to conclude anything other than that they are lesbians. Maybe once upon a time most lesbians were fat, while most straight women weren’t. That was probably attributatable to their being inconoclast (don’t forget, most feminists were fat too). Hell, maybe fat women tend to become lesbians. Becasue they’re fat.

So there you have it. Women are lesbians because they are ugly and fat. Lesbians have unshorn legs, wallet chains, and mullets. Lesbians and obese people are not deserving of the assistance of public health experts.

As Coron‘s study indicated, there are serious issues to debate about how sexual orientation affects a person’s health.  Perhaps the bullying that is in the articles on some sites and so obvious in the comment threads on others is one of the factors that impact people’s health. Perhaps those bullies should learn how to put those attitudes back into the closets they belong in.


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