Children Dying Because of Prayer

Prayer kills. Or more exactly, prayer to the exclusion of useful assistance kills.

Prayer doesn’t heal; it doesn’t help people in hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis,

The valkyrie Sigrdrífa says a pagan Norse prayer in Sigrdrífumál – Arthur Rackham. from Wikipedia

or wars either. Prayer may make you feel better about doing nothing, but that is all. It may help you deal with being powerless in situations where there is no possibility of control. If you do, you are asking for an external entity to give you internal strength, and that is a contradictory  premise. That strength can only come from within.

Public prayer legitimizes the uselessness and danger in trying relying on magical thinking. Prayers do nothing to aid victims or prevent tragedies. Prayers do nothing to alleviate suffering. Prayers do nothing to cure or treat illness.

Prayers do nothing.


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