Colorado Catholic hospital changes tactics

It came out last week that a Catholic hospital was fighting a wrongful death law suit on the point that in Colorado, a foetus does is not considered a person and thus there was no liability.

It seems that the hospital has decided that their stance is not exactly along the lines of church teaching. They announced that:

 it was “morally wrong” to make the argument while defending itself in a wrongful death lawsuit….

“In the discussion with the Church leaders, CHI representatives acknowledged that it was morally wrong for attorneys representing St. Thomas More Hospital to cite the state’s Wrongful Death Act in defense of this lawsuit. That law does not consider fetuses to be persons, which directly contradicts the moral teachings of the Church,” Catholic Health Initiatives said in a statement.

It promised that attorneys for the hospital would not cite the Wrongful Death Act in any future hearings.

The point is, like just about everything when it comes to a moral position on past actions, the church only realizes it has done wrong when the media or the blogosphere points it out. This change of attitude only happened because people called them on their hypocrisy.

Call me when a holier than thou preacher, without the threat of exposure, walks up to the microphone or police and says “Everything I have been doing has been wrong. punish me in this world by the laws of the land.” I gonna carry on and have a life.

Sometimes I think I write too much about the catholic Church, and then they do something that smacks me in the face, and the words come out. It’s one of the best treatments I know for writer’s block.



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