Apparently I’m an Unreconstructed Misogynist.

I was reading a blog today in which I discovered I am quite a detestable human being. This is from Rebecca Hamilton over at Public Catholic on Patheos.

My many dealings with pro-abortion liberal males has convinced me over and again that they are at heart unreconstructed misogynists.

I didn’t know this about myself until today. Somehow, I thought my support for abortion was about supporting choice for women.

All you have to do is hang out with them for a while, listen to their self-contratulatory talk about how they are the only men on the planet who “support women’s rights” (abortion.) Couple that with the contempt for women, the personal mistreatment they mete out to the women in their lives, the misogynist, sexualizing way they subtly degrade women and support the degradation of women in everything from porn to prostitution to rent-a-womb pregnancy surrogates.

Put the self-proclaimed “feminism” of these men alongside their actual behavior, and what you see is a hypocritical lie. They are misogynists who have been empowered by a corrupted feminist movement that has devolved down to nothing more than a pro abortion movement.

I am left trying to figure out where my contempt for women is manifested. I fully believe that all people should have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. Anything like a glass ceiling or glass cliff is not equality. Of course, it almost goes without saying that patriarchal religions (one of which Ms. Hamilton is a member) are exactly the opposite of promoting equal opportunities.

Abortion allows misogynist men to pick and chose which of their children they will cherish and which they will encourage their women to kill. Abortion helps the rapist hide, and encourages the lothario to dump the woman he’s involved with at one of the most vulnerable times in her life; when she is pregnant with his child.

In this paragraph, Hamilton shows her true colours. In her mind, it is all about the men. The actions she describes above are not in any way unique to men who support choice for women. They are those who have no respect for women. In the cases above, abortion is a means by which women can move forward while being minimally impacted by the actions of assholes.

Human blastocyte, 5 days post fertilization. image source – Wikipedia

I am aware of many families in my small community where children were advised to avoid certain men. In many other instances, as childhood friends became assaults, I discovered a history of sexual abuse at the hands of a relative or neighbour. This was many years before abortions were legal in Canada, and the children who were impregnated has no options other than to visit a relative living ‘away’ or take some vile concoction that might sicken, kill, or sterilize them.

Decent men stand up for the people they know, and those they don’t. They don’t expect women to be forced to endure pregnancies that may compound traumas they have already experienced. Decent men, don’t expect women to be solely responsible for the actions of  real misogynists. The proof is out there that the physical and psychological consequences to women of a full term pregnancy are much greater than a properly performed abortion.

It is not the men who support women who are the misogynists, it is those who would deny women the ability to control their own bodies. Those who would, in many cases, deny women free and easy access to contraception and force them to carry foetuses to term.

There may be some hidden aspects of misogyny buried in my psyche, but it is most certainly not in my support for a woman’s right to choose.

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2 Responses to Apparently I’m an Unreconstructed Misogynist.

  1. Lance says:

    Unreconstructed : Not reconciled to social, political, or economic change; maintaining outdated attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
    Does she mean you need to become a more modern misogynist?

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