Wrong Choice for Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation should be lauded for their efforts in the fight against cancer.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is planning its Bust a Move for Breast Health fundraiser for March 2. It’s described as a “day-long fitness extravaganza” and the foundation deserves credit for organizing this event to raise money for a most worthy cause. “Funds from the 2013 event will be invested in the Cancer Foundation’s commitment to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation for the expansion of the Cancer Centre and programming at the Cancer Survivorship Centre,” the Bust a Move website explains. The goal this year is to raise $500,000.

All good stuff. They just picked one of the worst possible people to invite to the event—Jenny McCarthy. Her work as a campaigner for the anti-vaccine movement has helped bring back some preventable potentially deadly diseases such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, and whooping cough. Directly related to reducing cancer is the role that Gardasil and other HPV vaccines play in reducing rates of cervical cancers.Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFI), Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) and Ottawa Skeptics have written an open letter to the Cancer Foundation. I hope they don’t mind me reproducing it here.

 An Open Letter to Bernice Rachkowski

To Bernice Rachkowski
Leadership Committee Chair
Bust a Move 2013

Dear Ms Rachkowski,

We are greatly disappointed to hear of your decision to select Jenny McCarthy as headliner for the Bust a Move fundraiser this year. As pointed out by the Ottawa Citizen, Ms. McCarthy is well-known for her outspoken support for deeply unscientific and anti-health claims regarding vaccination and autism. As such, she is entirely unsuitable to represent a cancer charity such as the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, and we ask you to please reconsider this unwise invitation.

McCarthy has claimed for years that vaccines cause autism, ignoring copious scientific evidence that there is no such connection. She has used her celebrity to spearhead a public campaign to discredit childhood vaccination, a medical advance responsible for saving millions of lives every year. Her celebrity status – which you cite as the reason for your invitation – has helped her to persuade large numbers of parents to leave their children defenceless against potentially lethal illnesses such as measles and whooping cough. The dangers of such reckless misinformation have become increasingly apparent in recent years with the tragically unnecessary resurgence of several of these diseases.

McCarthy’s campaign against vaccinations should be of particular concern to the ORCF, for declining vaccination rates have an impact on cancer and cancer survival rates. The HPV vaccine, which shows great promise in reducing the incidence of cervical and other cancers, has met with resistance and disappointingly low uptake rates, in part because of the public distrust of vaccination sown by celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy. Moreover, the reduction in herd immunity caused by wide-scale refusal to vaccinate children poses a very real threat to the survival of immunocompromised cancer patients.

By inviting Jenny McCarthy to participate in your fundraiser, you raise her profile within the community, and implicitly give support to her anti-vaccination efforts. Even though she may not mention these views as part of your event, she will gain credibility from association with such a reputable and well-liked charity as the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. At the same time, you bring yourself into disrepute by inviting such a controversial figure to play a prominent part in your campaign. As members of the medical, scientific, and skeptical communities, we cannot help but question the judgement of an organization that would extend such an invitation.

It is not too late. You are reported in the Ottawa Citizen to have said that you would be surprised if people were upset by your invitation of Ms McCarthy. This was clearly a miscalculation. We hope that you will recognize the error that you have made and restore public trust in your organization by rescinding this invitation.


Michael Payton, National Executive Director, Centre for Inquiry Canada

Iain Martel and Steve Livingston, Co-chairs, Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism

Chris Hebbern, Chair, Ottawa Skeptics

Seanna Watson, Chair, Centre for Inquiry Ottawa

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