Valentine’s Day is Coming

In a couple of weeks, Valentine’s Day will be upon us with all of the flowers, candy, dinners, and jewelery that go along with it. And cards, don;t forget the cards. I remember those corny cards our parents used to buy for us to give out to everyone in the class.

Mitch O’Connell, self styled “Best Artist in the World”, has a collection of these cheesy old cards on his blog site. Were the artists just living in a more innocent time, or were they deliberate in creating their images? Certainly, some of them reflect the gender specific roles of the time, but others—I’m not so sure.

Safe sex.


More bondage

Getting nailed?

And hammering it in.

Sex toys?

Rough sex?


Somebody needs antibiotics.

Loaded with love.

How would you describe the look on her face

Coming out this February?

Bruce and Dick did

He seems to like what’s in his hands.

I love you in a Chris Brown kinda way.

My cock wants you to be my Valentine

Something seems to be on the rise

Blast off

A real BJ?

He has about 100 of these on his site. I remember some of them, but I didn’t look at them the same way then as I do now.






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