Grasping fingers and straws

Yesterday, January 14, 2013, a Ms Doreen Beagan wrote a letter to the local paper in which she referenced an awe inspiring photo of a baby reaching though a C-section incision to grab the finger of the doctor. It is a truly beautiful image.

She then uses the photo to make a ridiculous statement about abortions. Here is the letter:


A Halifax paper recently carried something noteworthy that The Guardian seems to have overlooked: a remarkable photo of Dr. Allan Sawyer delivering a baby by C-section. It shows the unborn baby reaching out of her mother’s womb and grabbing his finger. The photo went viral in a week.

Lucky this was in Arizona, because the child had not fully proceeded from her mother’s body.

If that happened in Canada, the poor doc and his staff would have no idea in the world what kind of entity had seized him. All they’d know for sure is that our laws say the thing locked onto him wasn’t human. That would have been terrifying. It would scare the living daylights out of anyone.

This is not an urban myth or anti-choice lie. Readers can check it out for themselves by Googling ‘first viral photo of 2013’.

No one suggested that it was an urban myth or anti-choice lie. Anyone, pro or anti-choice, will admit to the beauty of such an image of a wanted and loved child being brought into the world. However, the juxtaposition of this image with abortion emphasizes the bankruptcy of her  position. Perhaps a picture of an actual abortion might clarify the situation.

Abortion at 6 weeks

Ms. Beagan is unable to differentiate between the two images. The first is the result of the  moral choice to add to a family. The second is the result of the equally moral choice not to.

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