God hates poor people

Mike and Cindy Jacobs are the founders of a multinational Christian organization known as Generals International. Their organization is based upon the prophecies of Cindy, and donations.

Their television show, God Knows is broadcast in English, Russian, Romanian,  Spanish, and Arabic. On one of their recent shows, Cindy fills us in on how the Lord provides:

“We believe we’re moving into a supernatural season, where if needed, God will multiply food,” she explained. “I have seen God multiply food more than one time when I was cooking… And I remember spooning out spaghetti or whatever, just praying in the spirit over that, and God just made more and more and more. You know, I’ve seen oil multiply as I was praying for the sick. I’ve seen bottles of oil just fill up about a cup a time of oil. But the point is we were promised supernatural provisions.”

“Remember when we drove our car… one one set of tires, how many miles was it?” Jacobs asked her husband and fellow prophet, Mike, after the commercial break. “Way, way beyond what could ever happen with one set of tires.”

She continued: “I mean, I remember one time that I had a pair of shoes that I wore and wore and wore and wore and it just — for years, these shoes did not wear out. And I wore them years and years and years.”

God must really love Cindy and Mike, providing them with everlasting shoes and tires and pots of spaghetti. I wonder why this God never sees fit to provide the same services for people who don’t happen to run a multinational, but are forced to juggle payments for food and rent each month. If only they believed harder, they might just get more. Or, perhaps he just doesn’t like them.

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