I’m Famous

I have appeared on the latest update to Google Street View  in Halifax Nova Scotia. Last summer, while my youngest son was performing as a British Highlander from 1869, I took a break and went into town for a beer. Along came the Google car, and now, here I am for all the world to see. Not to mention, I am in one of my favourite poses: hoisting a glass of brew.

In the time it took the car’s camera to rotate, I finished my sip and set the mug down. Anyone care to do the math?

So, there’s the proof. I drink beer at Maxwell’s Plum, and now I’m famous.

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One Response to I’m Famous

  1. redskyonmars says:

    Cool! That’s our preferred haunt for Halifax Skeptics in the Pub. We have another one coming up there on Sunday, Jan 20, 2013, if any of your readers are out our way. Details are at meetup.com/cfi-ns

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