Protect the abuser, blame the victim – Day 2

Yesterday’s post was on a orthodox Jewish group banding together in support of a sex abuser in their midst. Today, the theme continues with Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City. In Sept. 2012, Bishop Finn was found guilty of failure to report suspected child abuse and sentenced to two years of probation for his handling of a case involving diocesan priest Father Shawn Ratigan.

Rather than denouncing him, The Catholic News Agency declares their support for him.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, told CNA that there has been a “concerted effort” to “unseat” Bishop Finn by those who dissent from Church teaching and are unhappy with some of the changes that he has made.

The bishop was not involved in an intentional cover-up, but was instead given inaccurate information, which delayed the diocese in its eventual decision to contact the police, Donohue said….

Long-time priest Monsignor William Blacet also weighed-in on the case by saying that he backs the bishop “wholeheartedly.”

Approaching 91 years of age, Msgr. Blacet has been a priest for 66 years. He has worked under seven different bishops and said that he considers himself “very fortunate” to have Bishop Finn, whom he considers an “outstanding” bishop and a “holy” man.

He said that has gotten to know the bishop “fairly well” since his appointment, and sees him as a kind and compassionate man. Similarly to Fr. Bartulica, the monsignor noted that Bishop Finn has apologized for his mistaken judgment in handling the case.

The courts decided Finn broke the law by not reporting a sex offending priest, but that doesn’t matter. He’s a holy man and he apologized, so that’s it. Nothing more. In fact he’s just being persecuted.

Although Msgr. Blacet believes the attacks against Bishop Finn are unwarranted, he is not discouraged, but rather sees an analogy to the sufferings and accusations that Christ bore during his passion.

“The bishop is strong,” he said. “God will protect him. The Resurrection will come.”

Nothing about protecting children. It’s all about protecting the church.

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