Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice – The Catholic Church Opens Up

It really does sound like a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream, except for the lack of secrecy part. The pope has made a statement calling for a world authority with him and co.  as ‘moral force’. This story is not invented on some fringe group’s website, rather it is is reported by the Catholic News Agency.

The world authority envisioned by two popes as a way to ensure global peace and justice would not be a superpower, but primarily a moral force with limited jurisdiction, Pope Benedict XVI said.

The pope made his remarks Dec. 3 to a plenary session of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, which was scheduled to meet for three days to discuss the theme of “political authority and global governance.”

In his address, Pope Benedict recalled that Blessed John XXIII had called for the “construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority,” to serve the “common good of the human family.” The pope also cited his own 2009 encyclical “Caritas in Veritate,” in which he called for a “true world political authority” to ensure international cooperation, peace and environmental protection.

Of course, he and his cronies would be provide the moral guidance behind the organization.

The church offers “principles of reflection, criteria of judgment and practical guidelines” for such an organization, but no concrete legal or political recommendations, Pope Benedict said in his address.

Along with their twisted concept of personal morality, this organization that has centralized wealth to an unbelievable scope is suddenly criticizing capitalism, linking it to the destruction of the family which leads to the destruction of the family.

“New ideologies — such as the hedonistic and egoistic one of sexual and reproductive rights, or that of a disorderly financial capitalism that transgresses politics and dismantles the real economy — contribute to make the employee and his work seem ‘minor’ goods and to undermine the natural foundations of society, especially the family,” he said.

This is an organization that has been a bastion of corruption since its rise to political power over 1,500 years ago. Crusades, inquisitions, purges were a major part of the organization for a thousand years. There really is no way to know how many witches, heretics, or Jews were murdered or tortured over that time. In recent times, predatory priests and their supervisors were protected and hidden, while the abuse continued. Lesbians and gays are denigrated and their rights denied, and the hierarchy would rather seen women die than provide support for contraception and abortion. despite all evidence to the contrary, they deny the use of condoms as protection for all but gay prostitutes. Their superstitions on possession and demonology continue to endanger individuals. The list goes on and on and on. The leaders of the Catholic Church are most certainly in no position to lecture the world on morality.

So, conspiracy theorists rejoice. Here’s one handed to you, but now that it’s public, you’ll need to find another shadow to chase.

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