Reflexology, the concept that rubbing your feet will heal disease, is about 100 years old. It was created by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, M.D and Edwin Bowers, M.D who published “Relieving Pain At Home” in 1917. It is based upon the theory that disease is not caused by bacteria, viruses, or uncontrolled cell growth. Somehow, we’ve gotten it wrong all these years.

Humanity is awakening to the fact that sickness, in a large percentage of cases, is an error – of body and mind….

He called his work Zone Analgesia where pressure was applied to the corresponding bony eminence or to the zones corresponding to the location of the injury. He also used pressure points on the tongue, palate and the back of the pharynx wall in order to achieve the desired result of pain relief or analgesia. He made use of the following tools: elastic bands, clothes pegs and aluminum combs, on the hands, surgical clamps for the tongue, nasal probes and a regular palpebral retractor for the pharynx.

Following that, Eunice D. Ingham wrote “Stories The Feet Can Tell” in the 1930s where she mapped out the reflex point for as many body parts as she could. It proliferated from there.

Some believers look to the past and see foot rubbing as a part of  along tradition of vitalistic ideas. Every hieroglyph of a rubbed foot is taken as proof of lineage back 5,000 years. A lineage that was lost several millennia ago, and only rediscovered in the 20th century.

The practice of reflexology is known from ancient times. The most common theory is that the earliest form of this therapy originated in China around 5000 years ago….

Several drawings over the years have been unearthed from other parts of Asia (India, Japan and china) showing diagrams of healing through the use of pressure points at the feet and hands….

Evidence on the use of reflexology has been also unearthed in Egypt in the tomb of Ankmahor at Saqqara. The tomb holds a series of hieroglyphs which shows a relatively detailed foot treatment….

Another version on the origins of Reflexology believed by several historians is that it was practiced by the Incas. They were the people of the ancient Peruvian civilization in Latin America, dating back all the way to 12,000 B.C. It is said these natives passed down the knowledge of this therapy to the North American Indians, the Cherokee tribes around seventeenth century who still use this form of therapy to cure themselves of ailments….

This is a diagram that outlines the pressure points on the feet and the associated organ or body part.

This is the type of treatment that is available from most naturopaths.

What more is there to say? Other than if you’ve got someone to rub your feet to help you relax, go for it. Just don’t expect it to cure your cancer, or even treat a cold.

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