Naturopaths believe everything

A perfect example of why naturopaths should not be considered as valid health practitioners and given any sort of legitimizing status can be found at the TouchStone Health Centre in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

These are the services offered by only one of the practitioners in the centre.

Reflexology is a treatment that works the reflexes on your feet, hands and/or ears.  By stimulating these reflexes we are stimulating the Central Nervous System which tells your body to go in Rest & Relaxation mode which is where healing and health can happen.  The points on these surfaces relate to all systems and organs in your body so all with the stimulation of them you are promoting health.

Reiki is a treatment that works the energy system in your body, we are all one wonderful energy field, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.  When we have blockages in our energy field it causes pain and inflammation, these blockages can be physical and emotional.  When I do a Reiki treatment  I am helping you open the energy flow and balancing your body.  This helps promote that state of homeostasis that is needed for our bodies to stay healthy.

Indian Head Massage is wonderfully relaxing and helps your body by reaching the parasympathetic nervous system where deep relaxation can happen.  I work your head, neck and back in this treatment.

None of these practices have any basis whatsoever in reality and should pot be confused with effective health care. If that’s not enough, he has a new service.

Self Help Ear Reflexology Workshops.  This is a two evening workshop where you will learn techniques that will help keep you calm and healthy between treatments.  This is a great tool to teach self care and especially help with pain management and inflammation.

As I indicated above, he is only one of several people at the clinic. Services offered by others include:  acupuncture (including facial acupuncture), osteopathy, therapeutic massage (specializing in visceral massage), detoxification, botanical medicine, and homoeopathy.

It’s like a CAM superstore everything you don’t kneed under one roof. The roof of Naturopathy.

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